wtorek, 22 marca 2011

WATAIN in Cracow

Saw them twice and each time it was great experience to be there, be part of their ceremony. Fire, stench of decay, animal skulls,  inverted crosses, smoke and darkness. And everything took place last year in Cracow, Poland (17.10.2010)

poniedziałek, 21 marca 2011

AUTOPSY on PartySan 2010 p.1

Most important (ever) death metal band for me is opening this photo blog. Yeah, that's fucking Autopsy itself! Last year, rotten beast of death metal has come back from their grave to spread sickness again! Saw them on their first, since almost 20 years, show in Europe at PartySan Open Air festival. That was more than sonic massacre... Here they are:


Just started blog where I will publish shots from different concerts. Mostly metal and ambient/industrial performances. I will start from some old ones, but with time it will be more up to date.